Information on the European Community of Historic Marksmen’s guilds

  • Patron: Karl von Habsburg
  • President:Charles-Louis Prince van Merode
  • Vice presidents:
    • Horst Thoren, Hannenplatz 4, D – 41352 Korschenbroich
    • Jos Verbeeten, Pastoor Willemspad 3, NL – 5845 GA Sint Anthonis
    • Andrzej Wegner, Ul. Chojnnicka 62, PL – 89.500 Tuchola
  • General Secretary: Peter-Olaf Hoffmann, Jahnstrasse 6, D – 41541 Dormagen
  • Treasurer: Drs. Louis Litjens, van Hillenstraat 10, NL – 5988 BH Helden

General information

In 1955 a committee was formed by representatives of the federations of Guilds from The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. They wanted to establish an alliance of Historic Marksmen, which is currently known as the “European Society of Historic Marksmen’s’ Guilds” (EGS).
The first European Marksmen guilds’ Festival was held in 1975 in Aachen. Continuously more and more countries joined the EGS. Today almost a million marksmen and their families are united in the EGS in about 2.800 brotherhoods, guilds, marksmen’s unions and societies. Marksmen, guild-brothers and sisters from Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic and Croatia found their shared European home base.
This great European Marksmen guild Society strives for a united Christian Europe with the motto: “PRO DEO – PRO EUROPAE CHRISTIANAE UNITATE – PRO VITA” (for God – for an united Christian Europe – for life). With awareness of the history of the different participating groups, marksmen and guilds in Europe, the marksmen and guilds chose a collective road and a common goal: to strengthen the bond between all European citizens by understanding each others multicoloured traditions and respecting the mutual differences. Brotherhood strengthens European unity and stimulates the peaceful coexistence in Europe.       [more...]

Information on the Knighthood of the Holy Sebastian in Europe

  • Grand Master: Karl von Habsburg
  • Prior: Charles-Louis Prince of Merode
  • Subprior:
    • Horst Thoren, Pescher Straße 74, D - 41352 Korschenbroich
    • Jos Verbeeten, Pastoor Willemspad 3, NL – 5845 GA Sint Antonis
    • Andrzej Wegner, Ul Chojnicka 62, PL – 89-500 Tuchola
  • Chancellor: Peter-Olaf Hoffman, Jahnstrasse 6, D – 41541 Dormagen
  • Treasurer: Drs. Louis Litjens, van Hillenstraat 10, NL – 5988 BH Helden


Data and facts

In 1985 the Order was established in Eupen (B). At that moment, the European Festival was held there which was the special occasion for the Order to occur. Founder of this Order was the EUROPEAN COMMUNITY OF HISTORIC MARKSMENS’ GUILDS – EGS. His Emperial and Royal Highness, the Archduke Dr. Otto von Habsburg, member of the European Parliament fell in as Grand Master. By statute the Order was linked to the House of Habsburg, who appoints the Grand Master. So the successor and son of Dr. Otto von Habsburg, Karl von Habsburg, was initiated as new Grand Master on the 31 august 2008 in the Kaiserdom in Aachen.
People who have exerted themselves to work on the development of Christianity and a Christian Europe are taken in the Order with the accompanying insignia.
The Order and the EGS could interest numerous people from all over Europe. Representatives of the Church, Statesmen, politicians but also many people who just believe in this Europe and want to support Christian values in the old Europe have joined the Order.
When inaugurated, one becomes member of the Order. Presently the Order has more then 300 members.
The order’s aim and motto is: PRO DEO – PRO EUROPA CHRISTIANAE UNITATE – PRO VITA (for God, for a united Christian Europe, for life), to commit oneself to a peaceful development of a united Christian Europe.
The bond with the Roman Catholic Church is very important to the Order. Nevertheless, in agreement with its regulations the Order has a character that exceeds the boundaries of religion. In addition, the structure of the Order leaves room for Commanderies of all forms and sizes, so that increasing numbers of members will not jeopardise the organizational structures.   [more...]
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